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In television, radio, print and online Scott Ellis has worked across the full range of Australian media.

As a producer (field, studio, post, casting and more), researcher (development, pre and post production, fact check), scriptwriter, print editor, reporter, features writer, critic, chief of staff, media analyst and much more, he has accumulated an extensive working knowledge of the Australian and international media landscape and how to best tell the stories audiences need to know.

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Scott John Ellis
Resident of: Melbourne, Australia.

February - July 2019
Nine Network Australia

Position(s): Producer - The Block.

Duties: Producer on Australia's best-loved reality televisipon series, The Block. Multiple and various duties, field and story producing on and off-location.

November 2018 - February 2019
VMLY&R Australia

Position(s): Associate producer/researcher/script developer - A Different Lens.

Duties: Locate, research and interview potential talent for the Monash University documentary series "A Different Lens" which draws on the unique perspectives of academic and industry leaders on the world's most pressing issues. Once participants were cast, I then worked with the director and producer to clarify the series narrative and create a paper edit from shoot transcripts to allow the editor and director to complete the episodes.

August 2018
ITV Australia

Position(s): Associate producer, development researcher - AS YET UNANNOUNCED SERIES.

Duties: Associate Producer / development researcher on a documentary series for one of Australia's free-to-air networks looking into one of the most hotly contested social issues of 2018. This will involve extensive interviews with government officials, NGO campaigners, grassroots activists and those affected.

March 2018 December 2018
Multiple print/online outlets

Position(s): Features writer, television analyst/reviewer/reporter.

Duties: Monitor the Australian television industry and report on changing and/or evolving issues, interview those involved in new productions and/or genres and review new programming. Mastheads include The New Daily, TV Week, The Foxtel Magazine, Fairfax Media and radio 3AW.

Feb 2018 March 2018
Cavalier Productions

Position(s): Associate producer, development researcher - AS YET UNANNOUNCED SERIES.

Duties: Associate Producer / development researcher on a unique, as-yet unannounced unscripted series under development by one of Australia's most-succesful production companies for one of Australia's free-to-air networks.

January 2018
Passion Pictures (UK)

Position(s): Researcher / local liaison - The Australian Dream

Duties: Establish relationships with Indigenous community leaders in various Australian locations to secure respectful access to locations, elders and appropriate people to tell the story of AFL star Adam Goodes' fight against racism in sport and how that reflects the greater story of life for Australia's Indigenous peoples.

May 2017 January 2018
Blackfella Films

Position(s): Casting Producer / Development Researcher - How Mad Are You?

Duties: Casting Producer / Development Researcher with Blackfella Films on as-yet-unannounced observational documentary series for SBS. Researching potential participants, liaising with producers to develop appropriate storylines for individuals, investigating potential participants/locations/story subjects for production etc.

February 2017 May 2017

Position(s): Field Producer, Associate Producer, Researcher - Keeping Australia Safe.

Duties: Associate Producer on Keeping Australia Safe observational documentary series for the ABC. Multi-camera, multi-story, Australia-wide production involving identifying potential stories, finding talent, researching relevant facts, producing those stories to production and field producing during shoot.

November 2016 - February 2017
Blackfella Films

Position(s): Development Researcher - AS YET UNANNOUNCED SERIES.

Duties: Investigate and develop proposal for an as-yet-unannounced documentary series for SBS. Researching planned storylines, assembling facts and background research for potential locations and talent, engaging in proof-of-concept story collation with senior management prior to production commencement.

July 2016 November 2016
Blackfella Films

Position(s): Associate Producer - Filthy Rich and Homeless.

Duties: Associate Producer with Blackfella Films on Filthy Rich and Homeless observational documentary series for SBS. Researching potential storylines and talent, liaising with appropriate government and NGO agencies to secure access to locations and talent, researching said talent, producing their story/segments and securing appropriate releases and/or cultural authorities to production. Worked through production liaising with field producers, shooter/producers and talent to ensure completion of planned stories.

February 2016 May 2016
Blackfella Films

Position(s): Researcher - First Contact 2.

Duties: Researcher on First Contact Season 2, liaising with senior management/producers to develop potential storylines and research locations and/or talent. Compile data on planned locations throughout Australia, establish contacts with local government and/or NGO authorities to confirm stories and access; compile biographies on all participant talent (potential and actual) including main talent and peripheral; compile producers notes for field producers and post production.

Establish and maintain relationships with all relevant parties around the country through shoot to ensure seamless production. Post-production liaise with editors, producer and others to fact check scripts, all statements, ensure legal and other obligations are met, to the point of episode sign-off.

2014 - present
Macquarie Media Limited - radio 3AW and 2UE

Position(s): Television industry analyst/reviewer.

Duties: Provide weekly analysis of ratings, industry news, upcoming broadcast trends and reviews of the week's viewing for (while in Sydney) 2UE and (post move to Melbourne) 3AW; take viewer calls, research specific themes according to producer/host schedule, suggest themes based on knowledge of the industry and current state of play.

2001 - 2015
Fairfax General Magazines, The Sun-Herald Newspaper (Sydney, New South Wales)

Position(s): Television editor, television analyst, features writer.

Duties: Edit the inserted television magazine for The Sun Herald and Sunday Age newspapers; manage the editorial and production team with weekly deadlines and planning for future editions with focus on special events, seasonal changes, industry trends etc.

Write features on the television industry; write a weekly column on changes within the television/radio industries.

1999 - 2001
@www Internet Company (Sydney, New South Wales)

Editorial Manager

Duties: Formulate and oversee implementation of editorial strategies during the construction of websites and online services for companies including Network Seven, Prime Television, Channel V, Arena Television, RM Williams, Vodaphone (Australia), The Commonwealth Bank etc. Write editorial guidelines (style guides) for existing clients; instruct client-side staff on writing for the web.

Oversee editorial team's day-to-day work on above projects, manage the daily operations of the editorial unit and coordinate all projects currently underway.

1999 - 1999
The Seven Network (Sydney, New South Wales)

Position(s): Researcher/Field Producer with Today Tonight

Duties: Source, investigate, research and help compile current affairs stories with the Today Tonight team; work with the reporters, editors and executive producer to oversee completion of stories.

Produce stories while away from the office, coordinating everything from wardrobe to camera/sound crews to availability of talent to be interviewed.

1992 - 1999
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, New South Wales)

Position(s): General reporter, police rounds, features writer, columnist, television/entertainment reviewer and analyst.

Duties: General reporting of daily news, with particular emphasis on the police rounds stories, attend daily police briefings, establish and maintain relations with police and other emergency services personnel.

Write a daily column (Between The Lines) highlighting humorous and/or quirky events affecting Sydney.

Write features on important news issues of the day/week, explaining the story behind the headlines.

Review television programs (for the Seven Days liftout) interview actors and or network personalities and staff relevant to new programming and issues pertaining to the television industry.

The News Limited Group

Position(s): Sydney Bureau Chief for The Adelaide News and The Brisbane Sun, contributing writer to the News Limited group.

Duties: General reporting of nationally-important news stories to base newspapers in Adelaide and Brisbane or to the group when necessary. Interviewing international actors, sports people, authors politicians or other significant individuals visiting Sydney for the group, managing the daily allocation and placement of news stories with reporters within the bureau. Managing the daily operations of the bureau.

The News (Adelaide, South Australia)

Position(s): General reporter, police roundsman, chief of staff.

Duties: General reporting, establishment and continuation of police rounds, liaising with police and other emergency services personnel on major stories, compiling daily news lists for editorial conference, managing the daily allocation and placement of news stories with reporters.

The Sunday Mail (Adelaide, South Australia)

Position(s): Cadet journalist, children's page editor, reporter, television and theatre reviewer, assistant photographic editor.

Duties: General reporting, providing assistance to senior reporters, reviewing television programs, theatre productions and bands, assisting photographic editor at weekends with selection and placement of photographs.

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